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450.23 Too Hot

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. It’s too hot. It’s 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The Pacific Northwest is under a heat dome. Our Governor Jay Inslee ran for president of the United States for just this reason: climate change IS the human problem we must address.

Today, he addressed the issue on Chris Hayes:

Go ahead– open the tweet and read some of the unimaginably ignorant replies to it. Perhaps those responders are “bots,” however, the United States has plenty of science deniers. Very sad. And it’s not just heat domes– it’s the tremendous storms and winds that are so much more dangerous than ever before.

Our cat lives to hunt bugs and, unfortunately, birds outside. But we cannot allow her outside during this heat; we must protect the wild little cat from her own ignorance. So…. we keep her in until the coolness at least tries to appear way after dark at night.

She is not happy.

Too Hot

One hundred eight is

too hot for a cat outside;

she is not happy.

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