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450.10 Daily Create Tiny Poem Bot

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3442] is to write a poem with the help of the Tiny Poem Bot.

I found one of the three random words in this Tiny Poem Bot

My Tiny Poem:

Fuzzy Bitter Abundant


Malfeasance – out loud;

more uncovered 

breaches of boundaries; and

fuzzy accountability

forms bitter disillusions still so


~ Sheri Edwards

This was not easy– finding the words that were positive and helpful did not seem to be in that feed. And these three words spoke to me today– with the last four years of in-plain-sight attack on progress and the dream of the United States — that all are created equal.

I tried to find an image for the poem and settled on the Joker from Wikimedia Commons, public domain. It is a slim version of that person I will not name.

However, I did find some history and other public domain images that might have fit, at least a bit.


This image is from a Flickr Commons from the book “Illustrations of Shakespeare and of ancient manners” after search for “lawless.” So I searched a bit for more on the play “Measure for Measure” and found this quote which fit a bit in Spark Notes:


Yes. Is his lust so great that it causes him to make a mockery of the law, even while he’s enforcing it? Of course, it isn’t a sin, or anyway it’s the least of the seven deadly sin

Spark Notes

The League is dogged by Crime

Continuing with my “lawless” and “crime” searches, I found this image and quote:



” The League is dogged by Crime,” you cried, both in and out of season ; 

And now, while close with crime allied, your steps are dogged by Treason ! 

The Irish Green Book from Flickr

The same page on Flickr includes this quote as well with this picture:

“The ‘Kean’ of orators, with equal art, he cons a whisper, and prepares a start. What fire! what freshness!—why suspend the praise? Does he believe a syllable he says?”

The Irish Green Book from Flickr

I’m not a lawyer or an elected official, so I can’t begin to consider this, although we may think it as we see him running on and on, like this image and quote from the same book:

“The Man who has made himself the most prominent in the attempt to destroy the authority of the Law, and to substitute what would end in nothing- more or less than anarchical oppression.”
(Gladstone on Parnell, 13 October 1881)

Gladstone on Parnell in The Irish Green Book More history of this book at Irish Home Rule Movement

You can see in the news about the secret and seemingly illegal subpoenas of his perceived enemies– just like a lawless dictator would do– destroy the process and authority of the Law. And he did encourage a riot of insurrection at our Capitol. And many are asking questions: how could any of this happen?

So, since those seemed a bit too radical and frightening– we do not want to believe such things of those governing us.

So I continued my search of images that would represent the frustration of not having answers to seemingly illegal activities.


I found a British comical character called Mr. Jorrock, a fictional character in “Mr. Jorrock’s Hunt.” [Flickr]

The picture is how we’ve felt– in mayhem for four years. The character causes mayhem and confusion in his lunacy and obsession for the “hunt.” I found a blog post about the book: The Fantastic Mr Jorrocks who caused mayhem and excitement wherever he went.

In this picture from the book [FLICKR] we find a quote about how Mr Jorrocks way over-estimated the cost of his hunting dogs:

“…hunted at an expense of five or six thousand a-year, though we dare say the present worthy masters would be glad if they got off for that. The expense of Mr. Jorrocks hounds was estimated in a like ratio, though they did not perhaps cost much above as many hundreds.There are two ways of doing everything.”

There are two ways of doing everything. ~Mr Jorrock’s Hunt

This reminded me of the news articles about how the man who was our president had two ways of sharing his income– a lot if he needed money and a little if were being taxed. At least, that’s what’s reported.

Maybe some day this period will be considered “comic,” but right now none of these seemed to fit with the frustration — the abundant frustration of the fuzziness of his business– as president and person. I feel a bit bitter at not having answers– a bit disillusioned in our system, and that, of course, is what he wanted. But the disillusionment is not with our dream, our Constitution, but it is with the politics and systems of many of those in power today that seem to lack integrity towards those two things: the Constitution and the American Dream.

We must strive to protect everyone’s rights– and especially the right to vote to elect honorable people. Here’s how you can Protect Our Vote:

Let’s not let the joker trump us.

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