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350.8 Hummingbird So Small

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I was just at the sliding door to go out for a quick picture when Scott called, “Sheri, quick.”

He motioned me forward, saying, “Look what Itty is angry about.”

He pointed up into the sycamore, our humongous American plane tree with a trunk so large it would take four people with arms spread to hold around it. Its canopy covers our entire back yard, and our cat cannot climb that trunk. It is too wide, and the branches are too high.

And there, dangling from one of the sycamore branches rested a nested hummingbird, so small and so safe for the voracious hunter Itty Bitty, the kitty.

How lucky are we?

Hummingbird So Small

Hummingbird so small, 

buzzing around the yard and 

nesting in our tree, 

high in our great sycamore, 

the one kitty cannot climb.

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