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450.6 Popcorn

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today, another cool day with gusts of wind– a change in barometric pressure, temperature, and sunlight. I felt a but blue, but scientists are still research the effects on weather — mostly, it does not, except for SAD [WebMD].

Still, I choose to watch a bit of TV and enjoy a bowl of popcorn. Popcorn is a snack almost anyone can eat, and I remember Friday Night Movies on TV and Disney on Sundays. Mom would fill a HUGE bowl of popcorn she popped on the gas stove– shaking away several times and loading it up with butter and salt. Mmmmm. We did not run out! And together, we watched the little TV , a fun family activity at the time in the late 50s.

I remember Jiffy Pop and air poppers– I still use my air popper if I don’t have a microwave popper ready.

Pop corn and a movie– a theme of life still today.


Pop, Pop, Pop, Popcorn: 

delightful memories and

my favorite snack

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