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450.3 Daily Create Useless Superpower

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3435] is “Useless Superpowers.”

My useless superpower is taking pictures of a useless cat who doesn’t like people but we still love her.

Here, she sits owning the tallest place, excluding trees, in the backyard, reclaiming her dominance after a weekend inside while we attended our first outing with vaccinated family.

When we returned, she rushed outside to check all her messages and let the other cats know she was back in charge.

She also rushed back and forth from the outside to the inside through her little cat door to check on us. At one point, she meowed until we followed her and she raced around the yard and back to us, several times. We sat outside to join her, and that seemed to please her. So, she does like us— we are part of her pride, but don’t try to pet her unless she asks!

So, she’s our cat and we do lover her, despite her wildness.

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