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Day 422 Curves

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Today on our daily walk we walked along the Grand Coulee Bridge over the Columbia River below the Grand Coulee Dam. As we walked back towards town, I stopped at this view, the gentle curve of concrete with art deco instead of as straight ninety degree road corner.

No, in 1934 when the engineers designed this bridge to help build the Dam, they didn’t stick to stark lines, they added a curve and art. And it’s much better than the usual designs of straight crossovers.

It reminds me of how Apple under Steve Jobs put simplicity and intuitiveness first, over the engineering of the technology to create products that from the inside out were designed for beauty, connection to the user, and ease of use. Read about that here at the Smithsonian: How Steve Jobs Love of Simplicity Fueled a Design Revolution.

There’s a great story told here on about Bill Atkinson and Steve Jobs with the first Mac’s user interface and software. Steve Jobs always seemed to find a metaphor from the real world to guide designs.

Steve: “Well, circles and ovals are good, but how about drawing rectangles with rounded corners? Can we do that now, too?”

Bill: “No, there’s no way to do that.

He [Steve] even persuaded Bill to take a quick walk around the block with him, pointing out every rectangle with rounded corners that he could find.

When Steve and Bill passed a no-parking sign with rounded corners, it did the trick. “OK, I give up”, Bill pleaded. “I’ll see if it’s as hard as I thought.”

Round Rects Are Everywhere at

And the rest is history– of course we’d have rounded corners! And I think perhaps back in 1934 a similar conversation may have occurred– to design with a bit more appreciation for the final product.


Straight angles be gone; 

engineers of days past built 

bridges and curved roads.

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