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Day 415 Little Memories

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. I’m watching this little plant in my kitchen window. It’s wood sorrel from the yard, and I love its little yellow flowers, so delicate and bright. I’m hoping that the three little buds in the image are three little flowers. When they were small, much tinier than now, they looked like little buds. Now, it looks like they might be leaves– but I’m hoping!

And in the planter is a sign from so many years ago; a plant from a student at the end of the year– a little thank you for her time our classroom community. The original plant is no longer around, but the sign and the planter still fill my heart. All over my house are fond tokens from students, from notes to gifts– little memories of hopeful times.

Little Memories

Hoping for yellow 

wood sorrel bounded by sweet 

student gifts of thanks.

Sheri Edwards
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  1. Sheri, what a sweet poem and reminder of little memories to be grateful for. Your photo and the word sorrel brought me back to a trip to the Pacific Northwest when I was a teen. We must have been there in the perfect summertime of ripe berries because every day we would have some wild thimbleberries or raspberries with our dinner in the camper, along with that delicious sour sorrel in our salad.

    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you– I’ve been thinking about you and your family and hope all is well. So I’m glad you stopped by for a visit on the blog. Yes, the little gifts we hold in our hearts with little reminders here and there often bring up other memories. I’m glad this brought some fond memories for you. And, you are one of my little gifts as well, when photos of our short visit in real time pop up in my “memories” in iPhoto or Google Photos. Take care, friend. ~ Sheri

      • Thank you, Sheri. Yes, we are all doing well. Hope you are too. I have a cousin who just moved to Montana, so we are looking forward to another Pacific Northwest vacation to see Maria and Becky, and maybe passing through your neck of the woods. You will always be welcome to come to Joshua Tree too! We are planning to be home in December. Keith is retiring.

        • Hi Denise,
          Glad you are all well, and that Keith is retiring, although, like a teacher, the helping part of his work will never end. 🙂
          Yes, we seem to be fine. Scott and colleagues mostly work from home, and I just “art with my heart.” As an introvert, this staying home is not difficult for me, and even Scott is enjoying more time for his reading and reflection. Do let me know your plans. Take good care.

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