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Day 408 AprilDoodle Rip

April Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. April’s prompts are from Rachelle at TinkerLab — #tinkerlab

Today the prompt is rip, so since we don’t write on paper anymore or napkins because we have digital devices, and, since it seems this year has been ripped, I created a “rip in time” at 2100 hours for 2021.

#AprilDoodle  #clmooc #rip  #tinkerlab  

Now, it seems a rather sad thing, but my friend Joy Kirr has a way forward, especially for teachers or anyone whose work brings extra stress because of this year’s complete change in our daily lives.

Joy explains her strategies for coping, including caring for oneself and focusing on ONE thing. Take a look– she provides several ideas:

How Are the Optimists Doing?

My reply to Joy:

Joy, this is such a helpful and hopeful post in this temporary impossibility in which we find ourselves.

Five years ago I struggled with something, and I also chose to focus on “I can do this one day at a time.” I can do this “one” thing at a time, and do it well and at my best this moment— I can chose the next best “one” thing for my students, and I will find one good thing with each, even if that one thing is, “that moment has passed— next.”

Hope is looking forward, moving forward, and this blog post shows a way.

Thank you, and thanks to all the teachers struggling along with their students.

Take good care, one step at a time.


Which strategy helps you in this year’s “rip in time?”

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