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Day 392 Periwinkles All Around

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Periwinkles All Around

I planted periwinkle
long years ago
And now all over and around
the house their lovely
spring flowers grow;
Purple or white,
One never knows,
But how delightful
that one little planting
of care spreads more
and more and more.

Sheri Edwards
040921 09936521

I know. I’ve already written a poem or two about these little pinwheels of purple and white, but when they delight your day, why would I not?

My yard is full of them, and I wish they would blossom all summer long, but spring is their time, and I must respect that. After all, they are evergreen, and bring joy all year round because of that. I’m just glad I discovered them years ago and planted one in the back, and truly, they now grow all around the house and beyond. I love it! No care at all– just normal watering and there they grow and grow and grow.

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Retired Middle School Language Arts/Media Teacher ~~
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