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Day 366 Daily Create First Tweet

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3350] is to find my first tweet. The post links you to how, should you want to investigate your own.

I began on August 22, 2007. That’s quite a while ago, and things would change dramatically that year because that Christmas, my gift was the first iPhone. Yup, the world changed: even back then the iPhone was more than a phone, it was a connection to the world and to information. Amazing.

Twitter, at first, was a connection to my young granddaughter who had her account before age thirteen, and I wanted to be a nosey, loving grandmother and be sure she was safe in this new online world. She became a world traveler so I don’t think I could have stopped any of her push forward into an amazing future.

That year, I tweeted eleven times:

First tweets:

Total tweets 2007:

As you can see, I was not connected yet to other teachers, because my main focus was family. It wasn’t until 2009 when Classroom Live! from Steve Hargadon’s genius began Saturday morning tech how-to webinars that Twitter connections for education put many of us on a journey towards a well-connected and open professional learning network [PLN].

Even in my last year of teaching, those webinars and teacher sharing kept so many teachers up-to-date with solutions to their classroom and student learning needs. That was also the year, 2016, that schools began allowing teachers to choose their own professional development, and Classroom Live filled my hours with so much I could share with others at my school and receive credit for both the learning and the sharing!

It was an amazing program that ended in 2018, and you can read about the history of Classroom Live here. Thank you to Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Paula Naugle, and so many more.

What about blogging?

Then I wondered– “When did I start blogging, and why?”

In January, 2007 I started a “blogger” account with the name “Solo,” for our cute little cat we did not have but for a few months, and yet, to my grandkids, I’m still “Gramma Solo.” That first post is in the image for my Daily Create. And, again, that blog began as a connection to my grandkids. I even added a widget in the sidebar, “Links for Grandkids,” with links to things like Creative Commons images so they’d learn to use and attribute appropriate, shareable images.

In August, 2007 I began a writing teacher blogger account: What Else 2 Learn? In the Daily Create I mistakenly included the fourth post for that blog, but it was the first one that reflects what we as teachers and educators still struggle with today: standardized tests. The post reflects the thoughts of many teachers.

The first post was a “Welcome” post about writing with quotes by Don Murray and William Zinsser, two writing teachers, as in introduction to my writing class. Writing still is a journey and passion for me.

That post image is

As you can see, family and teaching are my two passions for living– and those two elements have driven my journey to learn more to encourage the learning for people of both: family and teaching [educators and students].

This is a slice of my life.


Note: I numbered my March 15, 2021 blog posts incorrectly. They should be day 367 of Covid Stay Home Stay Safe.

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