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Day 334 FebDoodle Gem


My CLmooc friends doodle everyday. Today I chose “gem” as a prompt from DoodleADay ElloLovey.

This is also a #dtiys for Jennifer Nichols post on Instagram and in her art group. I chose to change the flowers to gems and the gem to my own story’s gem, the dragontear stone!

The wee fairy is gathering the dragon tears, now dissipating into thousands of stones. Here’s the part of my story that tells about the dragon tear, as if it were an entry in a geology book of organic gemstones:

Organic Gemstone

Dragontear (hardness: 10 Mohs) 

A group of dragonaqua  

Specific gravity: 3.5-4.8

Varies from transparent to semitransparent with variants of the color shades of the source dragon, any color of the rainbow.

Formed as dragon tears fall and dissipate into smaller drops that coalesce the threads of spirit within a cabochon; all cabochon display iridescence of these threads in a strong and resilient stone, naturally forming in a polished state, the underlying color glowing through the threads when a similar dragon is near. Their power is held within the stone, until called upon by those in need.

Although found everywhere in the world, the stones rest plain, as simply shades of grey unless the finder carries within them the essence of elf, fairy, or dragons, or if the finder is in proximity of an adventure waiting for possible help from a dragon. Many stones look as if a ring of another color encircles the grey.

Look for sprinkles of the ringed tear-shaped cabochons collected by the fairy folk and placed as portals between the two worlds, ours and theirs.

If ever in need of guidance, look around you. Surely a dragontear stone will find you.

Source: The Nexus, Spirit Book of the Wee and Great Folk

Sheri Edwards– Dragon Tears

I hope you enjoy the little story. Here’s the image with the story:

Copyright: Sheri Edwards

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