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Day 295 Best Friends

This month I’m renewing some old habits. Perhaps RENEW should be my One Word — I’m still thinking about my one word. HOPE is one I’m hanging on because HOPE keeps me hanging on, away from depression and melancholy. I have not yet give up, mostly because I have my husband, my best friend [which doesn’t fit the picture…but it’s true].

This “Best Friends” doodle is the first renewal— a doodle a day with my friends at CLmooc. In January, that’s #jandoodle, and I’ll take my prompts for Spoonflower, a site I share my art to at times. They are sponsoring the January challenge with artist Rhianna Wurman who started #doodleaday— read all about it in the link above. You’ll find all of these on Instagram: 42Sheri

But, there’s more. I’m renewing more old habits: a photo a day, a poem a day— and sometimes those are the same, a poem attached to a photo, like this:


I love these— my photos, my words, my poetry. And a bit of artful elements added in as background for the text. I’ll be posting those on the blog that held those before: See-Frame-Focus. These will be small moment poems, not long, not deep: but like this: a small poem about something in the moment and something not to forget. You’ll also probably find them at Flickr, in various albums, like Poetry and Remember the Moment.

And, I’m starting something new— I’ve done it before, but rarely. It’s called “The Daily Create.” Yesterday’s poem was part of the first one. It’s mostly on Twitter— a prompt to create something unique. It’s not to take much time, but is something to get the mind thinking and to connect with others on the same idea, which results in a twitter feed of very unique, creative, and diverse responses. The main page includes the tweets so you can see what’s up and join in from there.

Renew. That’s a powerful world. It was one of my choices last year. But I chose Uplift because that’s what we needed— and boy— as the year went on we really needed to. But now that January 20th will see a return to civility and respect— and the renewed struggle for equality and justice— so it’s time to build bridges and reconnect with those who see the world differently. Perhaps in the renewal we’ll find the path to peace in our politics. Wouldn’t that be nice? It would be wonderful.

I’m still thinking about it though—- I will be renewing old friendships and connecting online and digitally and on the phone. I’ve started that. What do you think? What’s your One Word? What habits are you developing for the new year? By sharing, you will inspire others— and I need a bit of your inspiration.

Poems, Photography, Picture-doodles— like Poems, Prayers, and Promises.

And talk of poems and prayers and promises and things that we believe in

How sweet it is to love someone how right it is to care

How long it’s been since yesterday what about tomorrow

And what about our dreams and all the memories we share

John Denver

The new year is starting out right. A bit of renewal, even from an old song. Enjoy 🙂

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