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Day 256 NaNoWriMo A Seed Has Blackened

Excerpt from So Says The River


“Today I search for the story that supports those whose lives have changed and for which a quest has been deemed.”

Sandra paused, wondering what to say next, and then she realized her mother had given them. She added, “Let the light flow like a river so I may follow its glow to discover the story to guide our way. May the spirit river within this Book be We-who.”

Before she could open the book, it opened itself, and the spirals flowed across the page like a river, with yellow flashes turning the pages, faster and faster until they finally stopped to the page with a story that read, “A Seed Has Darkened.”

In the margin of the pages of the story before her, the illustration of two similar, but different plants grew from a seed to the height of the page. 

On the left side, a tiny speckled seed sprouted roots of varying colors of dirt and a stem that started a delicate green and leafed out to a deep summer green. Next it sprouted a bud of two bold pink petals, yellow stamens streaming out from the two petals, and above the bud a three petaled blossom opened to the sun, drawn in itself in its lower half across the top of the page.

On the right, a speckled seed turned dark on top and its roots spread a muddy grey. Its stem started dark and became spotted through the left side and darkened all along the right. A bud drooped, dull and lifeless, stamens dropped and dull on the ground. Its top flower, black and wrinkled, dropped one petal, fallen on the dark brown earth.

Sandra examined each of the plants, recognizing the symbols of the sun and the buds. And then she noticed the left margin’s faint blue swirls, droplets from the sky and flowing water in the earth, but none of the blue gave life to the seed on the right.

Day 256 of COVID Stay At Home

Day 635 of daily blogging

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month — Day 24 with 45,506 words of 50,000 over the month of November.

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