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Day 239 NaNoWriMo In the River

Excerpt from So Says The River:

She discovered  a path of steps made from the columns of basalt— pentagon steps right down to the water. She jumped in and and turned onto her back, closing her eyes to letting the river spin her around the enclave. When the river rejoined the current, she’d tip forward and swim back for another gentle spin. It was so refreshing— until she heard the rattle.

She opened her eyes and there swimming towards the rocks and towards her was a rattle snake.

She opened her eyes wide and froze a moment as her heart pounded. She thought to dip below the water to swim away, but instead she was stopped in the water with what felt like a tweed blanket wrapping around her. The blank pulled her up out of the water and onto the top of the basalt above the river from which she had just climbed down. She felt a tingling and roughness of the material around her but could not see what over the edge of its wrap. Slowly, the blanket unwrapped, revealing itself as the wing of a bluish black dragon— wings speckled in shining gold spots of shimmering flecks, like her eyes after the last episode. She thought she heard a warning, “Look before you enter.” And then the creature’s wings rose and dropped, carrying the immense creature up and away into the forest.

Day 239 of Covid Stay At Home

Day 618 of daily blogging

 NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month — Day 7 with 12,403 words of 50,000 over the month of November.

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