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Day 235 NaNoWriMo Village

The Village, excerpt from “So Says the River:”

“Look,” Ella pointed out the van’s window as Willow set the landing procedures on the navigation panel. “Look at all the people waiting for us!”

She paused and frowned. “We might be in trouble.”

“No, you won’t be in trouble— don’t worry. They’ve simply received your story from your journal. You know how fast stories travel. They await your story.”

As the airvan descended slowly onto one of the community center’s parking areas, a crowd of mostly family stood back, necks craned upward, a safe distance from the van-pad.

The village was built as a safe zone on the hillside. Each extended family lived in one complex, a large multi-family home with environmental controls and complex garden areas in every room, roof, and balcony so each family could be self-sufficient for food and other essentials whenever the need for lock downs provided a way to keep the plague contained. 

While her parents remembered this time from their childhood, most of the younger families did not. Still, extended families lived in the large apartments designed for any future need. And the stories kept that need and the ways to solve issues alive. And the artifacts remind each community member of the sacrifice and the sense needed to protect the lives of each community member. 


Day 235 of Covid Stay At Home

I didn’t want to include COVID, but the village in my story exists because the the world they knew changed for many, many years due to a plague.

Day 614 of daily blogging

 NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month — Day 3 with 5,113 words of 50,000 over the month of November.

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