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Day 233 NaNoWriMo

Day 233 of Covid Stay At Home

Day 612 of daily blogging

 NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month — Day 1 with 1680 words of 50,000 over the month of November.

The beginning:

The Splash

She had closed her eyes for only a moment. The sunlight filtered through the aspen and the river offered its lullaby to her.

She and her pod had finished their gathering, and Walter brought them up to the edge of the plateau where the river slowed and the sand stalled just before another turn down the ravine to their village; it was a place perfect for dipping feet in to cool off on the hot summer day.

“There’s something in the river,” the little ones screamed. “Willow! Willow! There’s something in the river.”

Willow jumped up to gather the young ones and directed them on the blanket, giving each a firm hold at the arms with calming eye contact, all the while listening to the sounds of the older children still in the river.

With Ella, the youngest, she hugged gently and placed her hand into Kara’s.

Spinning ‘round towards the river, she watched as Sandra splashed, laughing. Walter ducked out of the way, and Angie, out a bit further in the river, slid below the waves.

As she ran, she called, “Get to shore. Get to shore.”

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