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Day 202 Inktober Proctober 01

October is doodle month– a sketch a day, a doodle a day, an ink away. Any medium.

I will attempt two versions– the first being “PrOctober” by Jennifer Nichols to practice one’s techniques in the app ProCreate.

The second is one many follow, Inktober, started by Jake Parker years ago and to which the “inking” pen sketchers follow. Click here for rules and prompts.

The featured image above is for #PrOctober, October 1, and my “fish” for #Inktober is a yellow perch in ink:

Another possible source for prompts and techniques is Emily Patriquin‘s Drawing Daily on Skillshare– this month is creepy crawlers: bugs.

So, for 31 days of October, this blog will share my attempts, my practice, my triumphs, and my failures for both challenges.

Won’t you join in?

ProCreate techniques:

shadows and highlights, clipping masks, Gaussian blur, gradients, blend modes

Yellow Perch:

When I was about ten years old, our family vacationed at a lake cabin, a gift from my Aunt Vi. All the fishermen and women left early in the morning on the pontoon boat to catch breakfast.

I despise awakening early, but, when I did, I walked down to the dock with my bamboo fishing pole and a bucket. I dropped the hook [no bait– ick] off the edge of the dock. In no time, my bucket was filled with yellow perch, enough for breakfast.

The fishermen? They caught nothing.

So much for early to bed, early to rise…

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