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Day 175 Cat Life

Today while watching a Skillshare class, I received a notice from YouTube for a new Calvin at Drifter Studio tutorial for a watercolor cat. How could I not? How could I not create a cat walking through the brush? I added that part myself.

So I followed along and created the above cat, using my own brushes in ProCreate– either those provided by the app or created by my Skillshare teachers who provide free [no strings] brushes.

Although I would love to buy some brushes from the artist or other places, I resent the fact that they come with strings attached– certain types of licenses that prevent my use of those brushes if used in certain commercial ways. I would love to purchase brushes, just like I do in the store for my watercolor and gouache painting. But I can use those brushes for my work without any strings. For some reason, digital brushes come with a license.

So– I play around with the app-provided brushes for some similar effects. Maybe I could sell those. But no, I’d just share them so that others could create with them.

I pay for my classes from artists on Skillshare and other places, but I really do not understand the deal with the brushes. If I buy it, I should be able to use it, freely– but not share with others. I understand that– however, I should be able to use them for my art without restrictions on how I use my art.

It’s the principal of the thing, because my art is barely art– I’m just a novice, and I’m not even considering that it will somehow become a “thing” commercially. Someone else, though, could perhaps improve their style with certain brushes, yet cannot because of those restrictions.

Anyway, I’m delighted with and thankful for the tutorial and my adequate replication. I’m going to try another creature next. Now you know tomorrow’s post. 🙂




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