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Day 172 Viola Peace

Viola_Peace small

Today I had the honor of discussing the future of education with a #CLmooc friend, Charlene Doland [@inspirepassion]. We pondered the issues of today and the possibilities of systemic change, the first of which, we hope, is the end to the focus on standardized testing.

I’ll save a reflection on that conversation for another blog, because today, on this blog, which has evolved from education to photography to art with some current events thrown in.

As I tweeted her some of the resources I had shared in our conversation, I clicked on a link to her blog where she had reflected on the events current today:

Be Angry and Sin Not

Her words so resonated with me– I could identify with each and every part:

As I think of what is recorded in the Bible about Jesus’ life, I am reminded that he taught love, gentleness, grace and mercy. He regularly spent time with the outcasts of society, those crippled, maimed, adulterers. The only times he showed anger were in his judgment of the religious leaders who were using the Law of Moses as an excuse to be harsh, dispassionate and as a money grab.

What if we applied Jesus’ teachings to our everyday life?

I ask that almost every day as I see my supposed Christian friends and family decry the pain of those less fortunate and support a man and militias that reflect continued division and hate. It makes no sense. It makes no sense.

Oh, I’m sure they have reasons to justify– but it cannot justify the contradiction to the message and grace given by the Jesus they purport to worship.

So almost every day I shake my head and ask the same questions that Charlene asks:

What if we applied Jesus’ teachings to our everyday life? What if we spoke with kindness rather than condemnation? What if we truly tried to see people’s lives through a filter of grace? What if we learned to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you?”

I ask it as:

Why don’t they apply the teachings of Jesus to their lives? Why don’t they act in kindness and compassion rather than divisiveness? What if they actually felt other people’s lives? What if they loved their neighbor? What if they do unto others as you would have them do unto you? How can they follow such a cruel and inhumane administration?

Charlene’s post was very therapeutic, knowing that another person questions how we might better address the violence and disruption in our America today. It is OUR America: all voices need to be heard, and no one is above the law or gets to say some people are worthless, and that’s what the protests are about. So, Charlene’s poem [here] really struck me as important and filled with the kind of grace and caring that Jesus would ask of us.

Hence, my remix [short version on art above]:

Say the names

Cry the anguish

Of how much you miss them;


Hear their pain

Enter their anguish

Seek to understand;


We are all bruised

Voices of all colors

Need a safe place;


A safe place

To lament

To be heard


To talk

To listen

To together sow fields of peace


And rejoice in the harvest,

Singing the songs

Of a renewed humanity.

Knowing others and other Christians feel this way, I have hope we can move forward out of these troubled times.

Thank you, Charlene! 

About the art:

The artwork was drawn using watercolor techniques in ProCreate on the iPad.

The flower– viola — is a Christian symbol, grown and shown in the Getty’s garden. It is also a detail in the work of art entitled All Saints from the Spinola Hours [1510–20, Master of James IV of Scotland. Paul Getty Museum, Ms. Ludwig IX 18, fol. 258].

According to the article, violas, specifically the Heartsease (Viola tricolor), with its tricolor shape in three colors symbolize the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). During the time of the Renaissance, the little flower that grows in shady, grassy areas stood for remembrance, spiritualization, and memory.

And Wikipedia shares much about its literary references.

Also known as wild pansy and Johnny Jump-Up, it is one of my favorite flowers, because it just sprouts up where ever it wants and refuses to stop growing. Seems like all of us could do a little growing.


Day 172 of Covid Stay At Home

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