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Day 135 Wall of Moms


Wall of Moms

Moms around the United States take to the streets in support of Black Lives Matter. Yes, in Portland, I see they are mostly white– but the point is they are there, finally, at the point of understanding. And remember, only six percent of the population of Portland is Black, so their support for ending police brutality and now federal attacks are important.

They are your moms, your friends, your teachers, your grandmothers, your aunts, your nurses, your doctors. They are everyone who believes enough is enough and the punitive policies of the system must stop.

And so the punitive policies attack them with tear gas and billy clubs and rubber bullets. Your moms.

I found an article about three Portland moms:

“The people of Portland are not so foolish as to believe the false narratives dictated by the 24-hour-per-day psychological operation that is Donald Trump’s failed experiment in fascist government. When Fox News focuses on graffiti and broken windows, they take the focus off George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the countless others whose lives are taken too early by unaccountable police.”

Sarah Iannarone, seeking the office of mayor

Three Women in the Portland “Wall of Moms” Hold or Seek Elected Office
Trump’s incursion into the city has galvanized people who don’t typically confront police.

The Willamette Week

I apologize for my weak art; I’m still learning. I like creating art for a purpose, so my practice became this recognition of these freedom fighters.

Do the research. Find out that most of the protesters are peaceful, and still they are attacked by the secret police of the government.

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