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Day 120 In Time


I’ve been writing in my journal. Every day. For 120 days. The journal is covered in my 60s Flower Power “We Are Stardust” art. I’ve never written a journal and kept it up. But it seems as if it’s important now.

No one may read it, but someone might. They might just throw it away if I die of COVID, but maybe not. In it are daily walks, my yard, the cat, Scott, and how I feel about the end of our democracy, which will happen if Donald Trump is elected again.

This was my original design; I’ve revised it since then, but I rather like that the back cover is where it says “Stardust” and part of the peace sign. I am stardust and I fight for peace and justice for all. There are more of us who believe in all of us, more of us than Trump supporters and sycophants, prejudiced and corrupt people in life for themselves and not others. That’s the end of civilization– when only some people matter.



When I drew that girl on the front cover, I almost changed her, because she looks so sad. But I didn’t. It seemed she was sad about something important, and now I know what: the end of democracy, the end of women’s rights, the end of our fight to ensure all humans have certain rights, the end of “and liberty and justice for all.”

Today, my friend Sarah sent me a bookmark all the way from Scotland, on just the day I was looking for a bookmark to mark my place each night when I write. Just in time as I was looking.

So, there is hope– it’s there in the air… we who believe, not in a God or a tyrant who separates, but in a spirit of humanity. Because tonight, I can mark my place. Thank you, Sarah.




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  1. I love reading everything you write. This year journaling/ blogging has become important to me as well. Maybe it’s all the uncertainty , the time in our lives when we want to leave something behind. I treasure you Sheri. Your words are always beautiful. You have a gift my friend and I love your art as well, so expressive and unique just like you. I love following along with you.

  2. HI Susan,
    Same to you Susan. Your art is so inspiring and your walks thoughtful. I appreciate that you are still out there giving to your community. So much uncertainty, yes– but it could be less uncertain if we had federal government leadership.

    I, fortunately, live in a state with a true leader, Governor Inslee.

    Unfortunately, I live in the rural farming area who support the poor leadership of our federal government and are only now coming around to the understanding how to protect themselves and their neighbors from this horrid virus.

    I think, when the majority are understanding this, that the uncertainty will be less, and a change for the future will happen.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. You’ve uplifted my spirits with your words and smile! Thank you. ~ Sheri

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