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Day 116 Make Things Right

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One of my friends, Celeste Payne, on Instagram posted this wonderful quote:

I think it’s something to consider– punishment often causes more harm and bad feelings that harbor resentment and lead to perhaps more problems.

Asking, “How can we make things right?” opens a conversation to understanding both the harmed and the harmer, finding the cause to solve and a restitution to ameliorate.

I thought it was another way to to look at the world, a more gentle and kind way through troubles, like Fred Rogers says, “Look for the helpers.


Things are just not that simple, though, as this article in The Atlantic explains: The Fetishization of Mr. Rogers’s ‘Look for the Helpers’. When Fred Rogers said that, he was referring to natural disasters, in an age before mass shootings. Right now, in covid, we can look for the helpers there, but in other areas, we need to look for ways to create a world where those terrible things don’t happen, the things people do to each other.

Now the hashtag under the quote [by Leila Raven] is #8toabolition, which is also a website: 8toAbolition. In the world of #blacklivesmatter, this is another set of ideas about reform, taking a different approach than the 8Can’tWait campaign. The leaders of all three have a long fight ahead, and it is a fight that makes America better and stronger.

And, it is local communities that really must decide how reform against racism will be applied. I hope you will be a part of the support needed to end racism in our country.

And that gets back to “How can we make  this right?” I’m not sure, like with Mr Rogers’s quote, in how many situations this will apply, but I think it’s another one of those ideas that’s worth talking about. Because right now, there are plenty of things that we need to make right.



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