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Day 105 Uncle Sam Wants You


My parents would remember the things they did during World War II to ensure freedom and well-being of all Americans. They worked together to keep America strong.

So far,

The 112,311 Americans killed by COVID-19 as of Wednesday is higher than the 104,404 troops killed in every war since the start of the Korean War.

Fortune, June 10, 2020

I am surprised and concerned at the number of people who refuse to protect Americans by refusing to wear a mask.

The most demanding of these are those who say they are strong patriots and honor the military, respecting the need for a strong American presence– the GOP conservatives, especially white evangelical Christians. Yet, they refuse to protect Americans on the homefront of a global war on humanity.

They refuse to be a homefront, protecting and defending our country from an invisible enemy whose best defense is wearing a mask and staying physically distance.

Scientists say we should wear masks to control the spread of COVID-19. Stanford experts share the evidence that informed the World Health Organization’s recommendations…

The new guidelines recommend that everyone who comes in close contact with others in crowded or close quarters, such as on a bus or in a store, wear a cloth mask composed of at least three different layers of material. People 60 or older, or those with underlying health conditions, should wear medical masks, such as surgical masks, in public, and physicians and health care providers should wear medical masks in all areas of a hospital, even if the area in which they are working has no COVID-19 patients, according to the organization.

Stanford Medicine News Center, June 19, 2020

Read the article. Save your life… but watch out for the conservative sycophants promoting inaccurate and unAmerican propaganda. I’m sick of it. They aren’t citizens. They aren’t responsible. I’m sick of it.

Look what’s happening in Texas— some places are asking residents to STAY HOME. The infections are out of control. They’ve lost the chance to prevent this because they opened up and did not follow guidelines. Is your state or community next?

Remember, the virus is killing all ages, not just our elders.

Where is their patriotism? 

Only you can prevent COVID-19.

Wear a mask!


A leader of a country would follow science and, in these most dangerous times for the world, would say:

Uncle Sam wants


to prevent COVID-19.

Wear a mask.


but, of course, he does nothing.

Even worse, he’s causing problems:

he’s stopped funding for national testing sites.


Join together:

let’s work together for a United States of Americans.

We can join together to save lives. 

Created with Public Domain Poster found here.

History of poster.

Note: USA is the United States of America, but it is our working together in all our diversity that makes us a nation, so I prefer to allude to that willingness to move forward despite differences, to work together rather than divide and overpower, a United States of Americans.

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