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Day 74

Shine small


Shine on the goodness

Let it grow with you

Let it connect you with others

Let it bring us together

Let us be the best we can be

Let us bloom in beauty

Let us bloom in helpful thoughts

Let us share the goodness

Shine on the goodness

I am so tired of the divisiveness in the rhetoric of the President of the United States. I just shake my head in disbelief, still, that this person is in charge of our country. He certainly doesn’t represent me– he represents only about thirty percent of our population, but we are better than that.  We are sixty percent diverse, intelligent, and hopeful.

Now, by better, I don’t mean better than the thirty percent– I mean we want better and expect better for all Americans. We try to live and let live, to work and live together despite our differences, and to accept others and their rights. We are all in pursuit of happiness.

I know, some people may only be happy with “their” people, but most of us are true Americans, and respect that others have rights as well. In our name, “United.” We need to live up to that and be “United States of Americans.”

No matter who you are in these United States, we are one people:


Speak up for the good that is America. Speak up. Share the good. Let’s show what #BeBest means!

Note: This post was inspired by the hope that speaking up will connect us together as Americans. It was inspired by strategies in a new class I’m taking at Skillshare: A Limited Palette by Liz Kohler Brown. Her class is NOT about social action, but is about color and composition. That finally gave me a way to express my patriotic feelings about our democracy, which is under attack by the current administration’s unAmerican policies that affect most Americans [examples: no national COVID response, denial of health care, misinformation, belittling behavior]. It’s very hard to speak up– it’s like I’m not focusing on the good– but saying nothing about the behavior of our executive branch would be forfeiting my voice as an American who disagrees with the chaos.

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3 thoughts on “Day 74 Leave a comment

  1. “Make America One Again”

    Wow, that’s powerful. I won’t go into a political rant, but suffice it to say, I agree with your post. I do not feel pulled together by the rhetoric of our President, and right now, that’s what our country needs, someone to bring us together. Because we are Americans above all else, and if we can’t figure that out, I fear for all of us.

    Thank you for sharing this pointed, but needed slice. 🙂

  2. Darin, Thank you. I”m creating a series of art illustrations on unity and speaking up. Mostly, I want us to figure out that we are “Americans above all else”, as you say. It’s so important that we reach out and connect with others, which is very difficult in these days of staying safe and physically distancing ourselves. I hope people realize that most of the follow-up rhetoric on social media are “bots.” Most of us are together on this. Thank you so much for speaking up and saying so. We all need to do so. Take care. Stay safe. ~Sheri

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