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Introspection as Story

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Am not doing

As much as I could


Am still searching

As much as I should


Am connecting

As such so I would


Active in compassion’s



Blessing all in the world.


Introspection is hard: we are built of stories, and our stories change as we adapt to the plots around us, drawing us in and becoming part of our stories. We change when, in our introspection, we see how we can be better participants in creating a loving world.


I discovered a good article on introspection that is reflective of our world today. I hope you read it, and then– act to be the better in our world, as Jennifer Casa-Todd has pledged to do for her part of the world.

The article:

Psychology Today: Self-Obsessed, but not Introspective? How Does That Work?

The Tweet: by Jennifer Casa-Todd





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