Play Along with Small Poems



Come play along with me, a February of poems with CLmooc: Sail Into Poetry Port

All around us are the small things, the little things that look one way or another, do one thing or another, apart from or because of each of us. For instance, the small thing, a pen:


Won’t you look around you and write a poem of small thing, much as  Valerie Worth does in her many collections of Small Poems.

Share with #poetryport or #clmooc or #smallpoems and please, add them to this slide in our Poetry Port Slideshow.

Come join the fun– splash around a bit with us.

gif and art/poetry by Sheri for #poetryport #clmooc #smallpoems

Calendar of February Prompts


  1. […] One way to stretch our minds is to play — play games, play puzzles, play with words, play with each other!  Play allows us to learn in freedom, without fear of repercussions. Play is the best way to learn.  Why not have some fun and play with words by playing along in  #poetryport with #clmooc with some small poems?  See here: Play Along with Small Poems […]

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