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Clip to Shade

028_DD_artsupplies sm


I’ve learned this, but I’m still learning to be better at it. So anytime I find someone good at it, I love it when they share, like luma_llama did here:

The main strategy is to add a clipping mask to the object needing shading and highlighting. That way, the original object remains untouched.

For the first one, I used a silly shading brush I made myself for spotty shading.

shading1 sm


My brush is for smaller areas, so I decided to try a new brush in the ProCreate 5, Hartz. [well, it’s new to me]

shading2 sm

However, I discovered that the Hartz brush doesn’t adapt well when the layer’s opacity is decreased. That’s why I erased a bit with Artist Crayon. I do like this one:

shading3 sm

If you’re working on shading,

please share your strategies ! 

For instance, besides using the “clipping mask,” for shading and highlighting, I learned more from luma_llama in the shared video:

  • use a dark color for shading, but not black
  • change color with the tool under the magic wand with “hue, saturation, brightness” instead of alpha lock + fill layer
  • two things so the object isn’t “floating:”
    • shade in the “contact color” — a darker version of the object’s color–below the object
    • add the lower very dark shadow on the object, above the contact color
  • reflection is a duplicate of the object, flipped upside down and moved below the object, erasing from the lowest point back up to the bottom of the object

So much to know!

And I applied the strategies to my art challenge for #drawingdaily2020: Art Supplies [top image].

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