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Voices, Onward


Seasons pass and refresh memories of those who have gone before– voices onward from today and from yesterday.

Today, we honor the voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. Listen to his “I have a dream” speech at NPR here.

Two of my colleagues honored the day, the man, the vision with their own writings:

Kevin Hodgson: Voices, Echo

Terry Elliott and others: image-text-every-little-thing-a-neo-rhetoric

Their words, questioning, yet hopeful, fit the fight that MLK’s voice echoes today.

It’s a somber day, considering the historical events in the United States, events that take us back to before Martin Luther King and all the others fought, nonviolently, for civil rights.

On reading those poems, I echo, with some of their words, my own:

Real life.

It is, until it isn’t


A change you won’t know

but those surrounding you will…

…Will the word and world

somewhere between each other

and with each other

while you’re real

so those around you rise

even when your will isn’t


Like MLK…


What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult to each other?

~George Eliot

Uplift others with our voices, so they may move onward when we no longer can.

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