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Draw A Plaid Bow

How to draw a plaid bow

I drew this in the app ProCreate, although many apps have similar processes, brushes, and textures.

First: Create your plaid:

Find a pattern you like.

1. Create a drawing of the pattern block unit.

2. Create the pattern. Texture is created by erasing the lines with a texture brush. Draw the lines so each of these are on separate layers before erasing with a texture brush: each color, the horizontal lines, the vertical lines.

3. Create a smaller pattern using eight of the original plaid template.

Use that plaid to create your bow:

Create the squished effect using the “warp” of your transform tool.

Of course, this bow could be used for other purposes besides the holidays, so take some art time and create your own.

This particular pattern is based on the plaid of my mother, a McIntosh.

Update– combined videos:

You can find similar ideas on YouTube, but for great lessons to learn any app, try Skillshare.

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