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Pine Cone 2

WC02 Pinecone 2

Winter challenge #winterdailyart2019 and #christmasdailyart2019 in ProCreate

Day 2 Pine Cone

I thought this was pretty clever to outline and texture the shape, then add in the curved diagonals for the effect of the little pine scales holding in the seeds. I know there must be a way to make them less obvious than mine, so this is a revision based on help from my iPad art group– thanks to Kathy Sierra.

One Technique:

The pine cone was drawn in four layers [plus the snow layer].

First, a solid dark brown layer.

Next, an Orange-brown layer of scales drawn in rounded shapes, leaving space for the dark brown layer below to outline each.

Add another two layers as clipping layers. On one layer, paint in a lighter color on the tips of the scales as highlights. On the clipped layer above that paint in a darker color at the tops of each scales where the shadow from the scale above will fall.

The bush used was a dry ink brush.

I like this much better.

See Challenge here:
Jennifer Nichols 30 Day ProCreate Winter Challenge

Prompts are listed there; it is a class–but you can use the prompts in your way.

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