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Autumn Leaves

autumn leaves screen.png

What is your favorite season?

I always think it is spring, until fall cools off the summer days and I enjoy rushing and running through the fallen leaves, so bright with color to remind us of the wonders of life so we can retell our stories while inside in the winter time.

I wrote my own small poem and created a square design of autumn leaves to set its focus. [canvas: 10×10 inches at 300 DPI].

I first took photos of leaves from my yard and used those to create my own leaf brushes to populate my square and be ready for many other projects.

In ProCreate on my iPad [10×10/300 DPI], I import the photo and on a new layer, I outline the leaf and the veins. I duplicate that [to keep the veins, in case I need that brush later] and fill in the leaf and stem area with black. I export that layer without a background as a jpg to my camera roll. Then, just duplicate a brush and replace the source photo with your jpg. Sweet!  My Virginia Creeper pics:




I created four layers of each leaf. So, for the yellow maple leaf, the top layer is yellow and brown/red speckled with veins, then yellow, then brown, then navy blue. As you can see, I moved each layer over slightly to create shadow/depth.


My first version is a balanced frame around the poem and within a border; border and poem are navy blue. I added more layers of text with leaf colors to set it off.


You might want to see how I set up my layers [sorry, I didn’t name them…]– you can see how each section of leaves is on its own layer.


In another version, I added a semi-transparent layer of multi-colored leaves:


You can see this in Layer 22:


This is the one I uploaded to my Red Bubble shop.


I thought it captured the leaves dancing in the wind.

What stories do the leaves inspire for you?

Click the images to view the product:





What poems have you written that you could add to your art work?


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