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Folk Art for Nature


In my Skillshare class from Liz Kohler BrownFolk Illustrations with ProCreate, we created stamps.


My theme is the balance of nature, complete with bugs and weeds.

First, draw the outline of a shape for your theme. Fill it in with black. Then erase areas to separate the parts of the shape and create designs.



Wood Sorrel:


My favorite place for resource images is the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s Flickr albums— most are public domain.

Once your design is created [one at a time, large], save it as a .png to your photo album on your iPad. In Procreate, duplicate an already made stamp and replace the image with your own.

Now, take your stamps and arrange them into a folk art display. See the project examples [the last ones] in this post by Liz. Once arranged, add color to each shape and fill in with leaves, optional.

I had a vision in my head, but didn’t actually plan it out; my project is therefore different than our expected project, but I still like it. I organized my shapes around the wood sorrel stamp, adding in more leaves and buds, leaving room at the top. I added a Rachel Carson quote and lightly filled the background with the “ginkgo” leaf brush I created in an earlier project. Instead of “multiply” blending, I alpha locked the merged object layers and painted a texture to that layer.

I’m excited to share it with my class.

What did you create today?

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