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Piano Sculpture Street Art in Everett, WA



Remember the post I wrote Create Inspire Create?

Extending the Lines

My friend Terry Elliott added to the bit about architecture and sculpture. See the lines he’s drawn in my picture with SnagIt?

Look how the art on the piano repeats the sidewalk rectangles. Love it.

I didn’t even notice that, although I had noticed the sidewalks earlier– they are less “concrete” like in their design, and some of the sidewalks in Everett included artwork within the concrete!  I could not get a good picture though.

The sidewalk really does have an effect on the aesthetics of a city; notice how nice the rectangles and texture add to this otherwise ordinary city scene, as does the small area of greenery:



And here’s the artwork: I couldn’t quite get a good angle or view.


Thanks, Terry, for pointing out the obvious to me, and for adding to the sculpture /architecture feldgang, a way of extending the lines of connection. Thanks to #clmooc.

And thanks again to Kevin Hodgson , who inspired the Connect, Inspire, Create post in the first place with his video poetry, which I’ll add here again— it’s lovely.


How have you made unique connections this summer?

How has artwork in your city been inspired by your city’s or town’s surroundings?

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