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In my Instagram feed, one of my favorite doodlers and mentor, Diane Bleck posted her favorite Wizard of Oz character painted in her journal.  She asks, “Who is your favorite Wizard of Oz character?”



Right away I remembered the Scarecrow — the kind one who helped everyone through their journey, but did not realize his strengths.

Thinking back on this– I realized that we all need to recognize our strengths and accept them; let them carry us in our life’s journey, helping to get through our struggles and also to help others and to make the world better.

That’s why I liked the Scarecrow– he was smart, but did not recognize it, even though he was the one who, in his kind way, solved many of the dilemmas challenging the characters’ journey:

Whether ditch or river or poppies

prevented their way:

With a bridge or raft or chariot,

Scarecrow saved the day!

~ Oz Insights, Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz by Sheri

We are all smart in our own ways, and we all have strengths upon which we can draw when needed, just as Scarecrow did. 

So, my return to Diane is the featured image above and back to her on Instagram [42Sheri].

How about you—

The Wizard of Oz is 80 years old!  Have you seen it? How many times? Who is your favorite character– and why– what did you learn from that character?

Interesting Resources for the Wizard of Oz:

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Shmoop on The Scarecrow (and others, of course)

Wikipedia on Scarecrow (and others, of course)

Scott Meyers on Character Archetypes

Sophies Tale and Wizard of Oz as Political Symbolism

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