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At the Schack Art Center. pause to enjoy this colorful tree blooming as people walk by. Its trunk, a grey metal growing up from the concrete and bursting into colorful glass  or plastic blossoms, bringing whimsy to the rush of reality when passing by.

Up the street, opposite the red cube sculpture of the bold building of brick is the Imagine Children’s Museum, a place of wonder where children can play, imagine, and create in a safe and thoughtful environment.

The first invitation starts outside with one of several sculptures: real pianos ready for play:




Notice the man and girl peeking around the corner of the museum: a perfect sculpture to invite passersby inside:

IMG_2172 hidenseektopuget.jpg


And who’s seeking? 1 2 3 4 5….

IMG_2166 hidenseek.jpg


Sculpture isn’t just for the heroes or abstract, it’s also an invitation to remember who we are. Everett, WA supports it all.

How does your city or town include sculpture in its architecture?

Feldgang of #architecture

The study of architecture is a natural for engaging students in learning because it is a “design thinking” curriculum. For resources, check here:

Architecture and Children Resources:


After reading this post and others, Kevin Hodgson created his own take on sculptures, pianos, and memories.  How do the spaces and places of your area inspire and build memories?

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  1. These are cool, and I love the trend of public pianos on city streets …. In our city, there are a few public sculptures, including one of a frog that invites passersby to donate in a box to a fund for the homeless. It’s called The Happy Frog, and is dedicated to a local artists who did a lot for our downtown area.

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