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Sorrel Songs


One of my favorite flowers is the wood sorrel, a weed that loves the sun and springs forth its own sun in the form of  tiny five-petaled yellow flowers. It looks like clover, but it is Oxalis, or sourgrass. The leaves fold up at night and open in the morning.

It doesn’t matter that they are a weed, or that they are sour, and that, if you did eat too much, it would be poisonous.

To me, they are a bright spot in my day and bring a smile to my face when these tiny little flowers and lovely green leaves open up every morning to smile back. Like me, they are not perfect, but they, in my mind, sing a song that says, “I am here and I, too, matter, just like you, with all your warts and wonders.” I let them flourish in my garden.

Today, I read a friend’s post, Small Blog Culture: Maybe, Maybe My Own Voice is My Own and Only My Own. It’s a wonderful little post about attention, feedback, and courtesy— a wondering about why a blog or YouTube channel may not have readership, and really if readership is needed.

I responded to Terry’s blog with this comment:

I read your blog because you open doors to ideas I hadn’t thought of, you speak of experiences I have not considered, and you speak from your heart — as you say, “thinking out loud.”

I’ve wondered about these same things on my own blogs, but then I remember that if I had a zillion readers, then I’d be obligated to work at it. But I just want to be part of “thinking out loud” so someone else can see a perspective different [or similar to] their own and perhaps connect in some way.

I like that I’ve left my voice or photo or poem somewhere to be found as perhaps an interesting ripple in someone’s day, or a trail of me for my family.

My granddaughter introduced me to a mystery writer of days gone by, and while researching about her, I found this wonderful quote:

“Man is never truly himself except when he is actively creating something.” ~ Dorothy Sayers, mystery author

I think you’re just as happy as I am that, while blogging, we’re creating something. We’re just sharing a bit of us.

I encourage others to blog– just for themselves, because everyone has something to share that just might help others in a small or big way while also clarifying the idea for the writer’s own journey.

The world has a lot of informative experts, but each of us have our own decisions and situation and experiences to which we apply such info in ways that work for us. So the small voices are just as important as the ones that pop up daily in our learning feeds. And finding those gems, like Terry’s, may just spark an idea that fits better into our lives.

I think blogging for one’s own purpose adds a bit of reality to the large voices in the world. I think we’re like the wood sorrel, a little bit of sunshine in a corner of the world that adds a spark of life to those who wander by, because what we create matters.

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8 thoughts on “Sorrel Songs Leave a comment

      • Ha! Terry, I didn’t know much about wood sorrel, or that they were “sour” tasting — I never use them as food, just as nutrition for the soul each summer morning. And, if we didn’t have the sour, how would we appreciate the sweet? And there you are, a sour sweet banana, mashing up words to make us think. 🙂 ~ Sheri

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks. Yeah, I liked how my “picture for the day” fed in to Terry’s post. And then we discover he’s a “sour banana” — which acknowledges our learning from both warts and wonders. 🙂 ~ Sheri

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