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Live Photos

img 2625

On the iPhone, pictures can be taken as “live,” which means the picture includes not just the frame snapped, but also 1.5 seconds before and after the snap. When the photo is “long pressed” on your iPhone, you see the movement. Then swipe up from the center of the photo to choose an effect: Live, Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure.

The picture above and below are live photos with the effect “Loop.” To create the gif, though, go to the “animated” photos in your library and email the gif to your blog or to yourself to download to your computer and upload to your blog.


The “Bounce” feature creates a “back and forth” animation, like this:

img 2952

And the “Long Exposure” creates a “foggy”movement effect like this– the streaks of clouds are actually my jiggling hand during the “live” snap. I should not have used “live,” but I didn’t realize it was on. Still, it did create this neat image of a sundog.

Here’s how to tell if “Live” option is ON– the icon is yellow.



Photos by Sheri:

Itty the Bitty Wild Cat loves to climb trees.

A cold snowy day on the Del Rio plateau in January, 2017. [about -11° F]

Little Stella warming up from a cold outing.

Sundog in March, 2018

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