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Spring in the Coulee


Another Skillshare class, this one, “Illustration for Beginners: Create a Themed Collection” by Will Bryant, inspired an idea for creating real stamps. Our CLmooc group is considering “learning walks” [or field walks, feldgangs] for this summer’s projects. How great would it be to create a set of stamps for one of your favorite walks?

I had two projects I wanted to try — one the unique and historical structures here and the beautiful wildflowers that bloom each spring. I created Pinterest boards for each. I also gathered lot of ideas for color, and style for each of those.

I did create a sketch of the chosen flowers and used that to begin playing around on my iPad in Sketchbook Pro to create three stamps of three local wildflowers.


I started too small and then enlarged each design to fill the space. Deciding on the background colors took a bit of thinking, but I do love blue and yellow. I considered different types of borders and chose something simple that wouldn’t detract much from the stamps.




And to display them, I choose the spring green background and the same border and fonts as the stamps.


Find this theme of my art stamps for a spring “feldgang” On Flickr

Create Real Stamps

Once you have some designs for postage stamps, make them! Yes, you can create your own postage stamps at Photo Stamps! Just click “create” and upload your design to order.

Here’s what my first set looks like:


Awesome!  That should inspire you: What would you choose for postage stamps?

Create a themed set of postage stamps of your learning, your daily walk, or your current book — and share a link here.

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