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CLmooc Planet WebRing

Google Plus died, but CLmooc lives on. Since 2016, CLmooc [originally– Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration], people from anywhere could participate in conversations, creations, and collaborations together, sharing ideas, tools, strategies, pedagogy, reviews, and even postcards as they relate together and connect as learners in a global community.

CLmooc lives, and the new iteration is a “planet” and a “webring.” Greg McVerry and Sarah Honeychurch graciously took time and probably dollars to integrate various web tools to build a world without the need for Google Plus and other platforms so that the conversations, creations, and collaborations can continue in their inspiring and caring ways.

Greg created the WebRing introduction above to help all of us understand the history and possibilities of a webring community. A webring connects the blogs of members. Members of what? Whatever interest is had, a webring can be created. For us, it’s #CLmooc and our webring is here, or at least, the beginning of it.

And the CLmooc Planet? I believe that incorporates the use of a tool that sends its tentacles out to collect any blog posts published with a tag or category of CLmooc.

CLmooc members are creative and connected learners who believe in the positive benefits of a connected and welcoming online community that is openly networked for shared interests with peer support as participants learn together in different ways at different times according to participants’ interests. CLmooc is a neighborhood where relationships grow and glow.

We’re just beginning to develop our Planet and Ring — so check out the CLmooc Blog for additional information should you choose to join! How do you join? Start by checking the #clmooc hashtag on Twitter to discover ideas on poetry, remix, book clubs and then connect with others and share your creations using that hashtag.

For now, here are two ongoing projects explained at the CLmooc Blog:

  • SilentSunday: post a photo or image on Sunday — no words.
  • Postcards: Sign-up to send/receive postcards; several ideas here with links to the sign-up page.



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