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SOL19 Day 25 Searching for Sandhill Cranes

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Yesterday’s journey started with a search for a #CLmooc #SilentSunday photo. But the beauty of the lake with that post’s scene led us from a Facebook post Scott had seen of the sighting of SandHill Cranes just a short drive down Banks Lake to a longer drive for a possible look at these amazing creatures in the town of Othello where the Sandhill Crane Festival just completed.

We never found one.

But a poem found us.

To yesterday’s #SilentSunday post, Kevin Hodgson commented with this lovely poem to accompany my photography. Thank you so much Kevin.


I love this place on Banks Lake at the end of Crook Road– literally, the road is submerged from here into the lake. The cattails surround the area, home to yellow-headed and red-winged blackbirds that continually sing to each other in a chorus that is a must to pause and listen.

It is a place to go in the busy-ness of the world when everything swirls around us in a whirlwind of to-dos so that, in breathing in the fresh air, pausing, listening, calm and clarity relax and soothe the soul.

Public Domain

Sometimes, when going there is not possible, return here for a moment of peace:

Banks Lake

Crook Road

March 24, 2019

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