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SOL19 Day 14 Something I Miss


Who I Miss

That glint

a sparkle

something’s up

about to catch you

in a pun,

a tease,

with love;

a giggle

a look

a hug

in all his struggles:

always love.


There’s a world to say about this man, my son– so quick to solve problems, so fast to a punchline; not perfect, but a soul worth knowing, and, at whatever he dreamed, he made real. I miss him so.

Slice of Life

#MarchDoodle / #CLmooc Something I miss

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4 thoughts on “SOL19 Day 14 Something I Miss Leave a comment

    • Thanks Kim, I’m taking some art classes, but I apply the ideas in a new layer over the top of a photo of Jake. So it’s a digital drawing using a photo; I’m not that talented to go from scratch. But I liked the result. Thanks for the kind words. ~ Sheri

  1. “always love”

    it flows, I
    am not
    naive enough
    to know
    or even to
    such loss

    made visible
    by this poetic
    of the man

    – your son –

    but just know:
    I read you close –
    I see him –
    and I am holding
    tight to the idea

    “always love”

    — Kevin, a poem in appreciation for yours

  2. Thank you Kevin. Much appreciated, this poem– all your poems so important to us. And those words “always love” hold especially true for today’s world, beyond our loss. Thank you so much for your words. ~ Sheri

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