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SOL19 Day 10 Four Words


Today after work at three in the afternoon, we drove down the upper coulee along Banks Lake looking for ice climbers on the waterfalls all along the coulee walls.

We thought we might see one or two, but it was pretty late. We caught them wrapping up at their cars as the icy falls looked down on them.


We continued on to Dry Falls [see here and here for information] to see the view in winter; it did not disappoint. Had we been there early in the morning, the ranger told us, we’d see the nocturnal creatures like coyote returning to their dens. Now, we could follow their tracks in the snow. Because we were 400 feet up, the creatures have no idea we are watching; they hide only from the bald eagle circling overhead.


Inside the interpretive center, we found a quiet place to observe in the warmth. We perused the new books and found autographed copies of Bruce Bjornstad’s geology books of our area. These are great for our weekend adventures like today.

In addition, we discovered and also purchased a waterproof bird guide for our area as well:


On the back is a section called, “How can you protect wild birds?” Always interested in protecting these helpful and beautiful creatures, I sighed at the first four words:



My kitty needs a collar with a bell.


Keep All Cats Indoors.

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    • I can’t imagine doing that either, which is why we like to drive out to see them. There’s a pullout at the most popular place so we can watch for a while. I’d never! I’ve lived here over thirty years, and I remember only one death, so they are very careful and skillful in what they do.

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