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Last year I participated in several doodle challenges, including Sketch50. I wanted to learn how to draw basic shapes and learn to quickly draw basic sketches to represent ideas. Sketchnoting is now a booming business and strategy. I’m still learning, but I did learn so much and improved on my very rudimentary drawings, as evidenced in my Flickr Sketch50 album. I tend to use either paper/pencil or Sketchbook Pro.

So, why not learn more this year?  And you can join too! We just started [see here at Sketch50 2.0].

How? Check here. Some tips:

  • Follow @Sketch_50 on Twitter.
  • Follow hashtag #Sketch50.
  • Sketch with your kids with the #Sketch50Kids hashtag.
  • Check the theme for the week and look at the Twitter feed for examples. Connect with others; ask questions.
  • Lean into your growth mindset.
  • Draw with paper/pencil/markers or use your device
  • Just take five minutes– embrace imperfections: try
  • Sketch and share– use social media to share with #sketch50
  • Go at your own pace: the goal is a doodle a day, 5 days a week with a level-up bonus on weekends
  • Your goal; your doodles; your learning: your growth mindset
  • March 26 to May 16

Tweet from the Sketch50 Team:




Templates for paper version here.

Here’s  the first week’s template:


And my first day doodle. 5 minutes. Banners.


I like uploading my images to Flickr and adding them to a Flickr Sketch50 album. You can look through those for the basics we learned last year, or try the archives [although Storify is closing down].

5 minutes a day.

Lean into your growth mindset.

See you at #Sketch50 !

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Images by Sheri unless otherwise indicated above.


This post is written for11th Annual  Slice of Life Story challenge hosted by  Two Writing Teachers .   During whole month of March, we will share a slice of our lives.  Please join too.  


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