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I’m so thankful for my PLN on Twitter. I loved this from Helen…

because it brought me to this….

Let’s get planting!  Let’s plant the lovely flowers for the world to show what’s good.

Our feeds are still attacked by bots and memes and negativity, which, I remember, my mom would have said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

But she would also have expected me to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves — and she would have expected me to understand those who are bullies and who are mean and nasty. Why are they doing that?

So Alec Couros tweeted this share…

Do read the article– Sarah Silverman took the time to understand, to dig deeper, and to accept the “story,” the life of the negative tweeter, whom she then found a way to engage and help.

For the most part, to make the net better again, we ignore the negative. We ignore the post or tweet and leave it alone, even if we agree with it. Because we all have opinions, but sharing the negative doesn’t get to the compromise and understanding we need to make our country work again. Instead, we stop the cycle of negativity and divisiveness by resisting the impulse to respond or retweet or repost. We make the world better; we keep our story positive.

I know the tone of our world has changed — that humanitarian care and struggle for universal rights has been undermined, and that disappointment abounds in leaders who no longer work together nor work from honest and scientific data. But a social response online isn’t a solution; it’s part of the problem. Local actions and support and organizing in local communities will and are making a difference.

So share those successes in positive ways; that will spread the goodness. Do more sharing of local positive stories; it’s better to add more than to retreat and delete a social presence. We need to take back and put back the positive.

Strategies I’ve now adopted:

  • Honor and acknowledge the personal and professional interests that better the world
  • Rebuild the network neighborhoods of people with which to connect, your PLN
  • Share the positive; skip the negative retweets or reposts — even information
  • Get my news from reliable sources– and resist sharing [people will read their own]
  • Learn better information evaluation skills [like KQED’s Evaluation Information]
  • Ignore the snarks and the barks. Block as needed.
  • Engage in positive and supportive ways
  • If standing up is needed, be sure the support and organizing is positive

These strategies help me be part of the solution to take back the positive influence of online discourse, the social stories that will bring us together again.

As part of this positive remake of our social stories, try a Digital Detox, suggested by the #clmooc crowd: Digital Trace Audit. Notice the fun way to choose an action to update the traces of your digital footprint using the Thinglink, and also the suggestion to continue to make — such as “a network map of our personal learning network, including the digital platforms and tools that serve as the gatekeepers to the folks and ideas with whom we want to connect.”  That’s exactly what I meant by “rebuild your network neighborhoods”– get your online neighborhood organized and active again with positive interactions to promote the connected, collaborative, inclusive world that leads to understanding and peace. Build up our world!

So, as Helen says, Let’s get planting!  How will you plant the positive and supportive again?

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