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DecDoodle Hidden


Hidden in the stream of twitter are hashtags on which people connect, learn, share, and collaborate in online neighborhoods.

One such twitter neighborhood is #CLmooc, which began here and here. It’s a Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration. It no longer exists, except in the imaginations and connected collaborations of participants who refuse to let it dissipate into the ether. Each month a new activity spawns, and people involved [you’re invited] also send postcards— by snail mail.

This month, Susan Watson gave us #DecDoodle, with, of course, the help of many others who wrote it up and posted the idea here for everyone [that means everyone] can join in the energy.

And energy it is. Energy of giving and receiving. Energy that keeps flowing, day by day, month to month. Because we don’t hide the rules: Break the rules. If we suggest a doodle about lights

Do that:


Or — create a story instead:

or post a picture:

as plain or fancy as your energy, time, and sharing allows:

Life is filled with the unexpected, and CLmooc embraces that, and turns it into something great for all to enjoy.

Today, the #DecDoodle is “Hidden,” as you can see in this December Doodle list:


I’ve shared with you the “hidden” treasure of twitter, #CLmooc and this month’s #DecDoodle — won’t you join us? Don’t hide– even the shy ones enjoy our little bit of joy we add to the world.

Here’s my “Hidden” — Find the hidden pictures.  Answer is at the end of the post.


One last thing for December — in this busy season filled with family, conversation, and emotions, bring a little joy into your life with a little doodle activity on Gratitude. I created this for my family based on another project in my life [Thanks to Diane Bleck of the Doodle Institute]. Sometimes in this season of joy, we are also overcome with the sadness of those no longer with us. In those times of the blues, a helpful strategy for me is to focus on that for which I’m grateful. How about creating a few Gratitude Blossoms because we have much to be thankful for. And to those people you are thankful to, be sure to tell them. Here’s how to create a Gratitude Blossom to hang up around your desk, work area, or refrigerator:

As John Lennon reminded us in his music: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Find the hidden joys in your life and hold on to them !

And consider visiting the neighborhood via the CLmooc blog and add a bit of energy and joy to the world yourself!

And Thank you to CLmooc — my friends around the world!  You are joy to celebrate!



Answers to my HIDDEN doodle.


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