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Slice of Life: Pedestrian

I’ve seen so many amazing small places where towns and cities have cared enough to create artful gardens in the midst of the hard lines of concrete and steel so that the people can keep the sense of nature around them when they drive by or walk. Pedestrian walkways are so important for maintaining a community feeling, besides being convenient connections in our to and froms. I think those areas that fund bits of nature here and there are the sign of a good civilization and a growing community.

Pedistrian” is the WordPress Photo Challenge of the Week, and I think it’s important to consider. Here’s a walkway at our hospital/clinic — a small sculpture and native bunch grasses bring the country in; another area has lavender and pine trees.


I’m sure every town has an area affected still by September 11th [9/11]. Here the Grand Coulee Dam dwarfs us, and any person before 9/11 could walk across the dam and enjoy the amazing view. A rock and artifact museum amazed tourists in the powerhouse — again open to tourists. Now that is gone, and only a limited and guided tour is available throughout the day.


You could walk all the way around, about three miles [the dam itself is almost a mile across].  You can see the bridge over the Columbia River in this pic that brought you back to this starting point.


Back in my little neighborhood, it’s just like my childhood: sidewalks with children’s chalk, a wagon, and a game of basketball in the street.


On my street, you will be enticed by a pedestrian bridge across Fiddle Creek and on to Cole Park, where a swimming pool once cooled the area’s children on our hot summer’s day. However, much to the people’s dismay, the town closed and destroyed the pool.


Still, this entryway is welcoming.


And the gurgle of the barely-there Fiddle Creek inspires visions of fairies and forts.


It is this place, the bridge, and the rock path coming soon that inspire my NaNoWriMo settings. I love them in all the seasons.

And on the other side is Cole Park, where you can choose to continue to the Coulee Dam Credit Union and another part of the park:


Or walk up to the old pool area to circle around.


Now the rockwork turns to a path that leads to more possibilities for the imagination.


Right back down to Fiddle Creek where you can hide and play and take a nap [if we’ve sprayed for mosquitoes, which the town always does].


Continue across and up the trail


And choose a direction.


I choose straight in the shade of the maple trees:


I think every housing area should have sidewalks. Some of my grandchildren live in areas without sidewalks, and the roads to the area are narrow and dangerous. Kids can’t ride bikes or even walk to different areas because it’s just not safe. They have a wild life area though and a huge yard, but still– getting around to other places requires adults. One of my older grandkids chopped a path through the entangled wooded area over a mile to his friends house. Ha. Great!

What makes all of these areas so lovely and pleasant are the trees. We should care for our trees.


There is nothing pedestrian about a tree or a walk through nature.

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