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Slice of Life: Layers

So many layers. I almost forgot to check this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which is LAYERS. 

That flat fan shape of iris leaves jumps out as a unique layer in the foliage at Dumas Bay where I spent the weekend.


Near it is a  flower that pops up in our own garden every year, but we don’t know what it is. It is a layered flora of its own: a short grouping of fuzzy leaves from which forms a tall, spindly stem with a vibrant deep red flower as a jewel in its crown.


At Dumas Bay, they grow in bunches:


Of course, on the west side of Washington State, the green is vibrant and the lush vegetation layers itself in think bushes and greenways:

I have a houseplant, very short, that is a tall bush here:


And the creatures layer within and above the foliage: see the spider’s web here:IMG_8413.JPG

And one of the many bunny rabbits hopping through the park:


Who knows what hides here, and what was once a fence is now English Ivy:


Sometimes, you just find  the evidence layered in the forest floor among the pine needles: a feather


I was surprised to find crocus: I thought they bloomed only in spring, popping through the layer of the last winter snow. This one layered in sun and shadow:


And the old growth trees still around stand in grand display. This maple must be hundreds of years old. Look closely and you can see two maple trees layered together. The second picture shows a branch that grew together, connecting the two trees. Amazing.



Of course humans honor the forest as well, layering their own totems and tokens of beauty among the fallen pinecones and chestnuts.






And the main view of earth’s layers: land, foliage, Puget Sound:


The layers of clouds contrast with the seeming calm of low tide:


I didn’t get the fence in the photo, but here’s my tangle interpretation of layers of atmosphere and sun, far off land, Puget Sound, and Dumas Bay foliage and fence:

FullSizeRender 47.jpg

Now, inside is my purpose: a lady’s retreat for crafting with my daughters and granddaughters. My layers of supplies:



To create layers of paper and ink that hopefully bring cheer to the eventual receiver:


FullSizeRender 48.jpg

I did a little doodling as well, layering a bit of humor:

FullSizeRender 49.jpg

Leaving of course is layered with emotions that our family will go their separate ways miles apart once again. But, we’ll continue our connections in other ways.

On the way hope, we stopped at Suncadia near Cle Ulem — layers of rooms surrounded by layers of mountains and forests:


Through the yarrow, see the hillsides layered with irrigation pipes to encourage regrowth of the prairie bunch grasses:


And the 1000 layered steps in that picture lead down to the river:

We ambled across the layer of slate, a path to the restaurant:

FullSizeRender 46.jpg

where we enjoyed layers of meatballs sliders and a layers of foraged mushrooms, spinach, basalmic vinegar, and cheese on flatbread. Yum.


Back home, a fresh daisy with its vibrant yellow layers of petals opened into the layering of other flowers, still blooming into the fall as one season begins its form of foliage layers for us.


While dining with a friend, the layers of clouds and trees through the window emerged as if its own painting by nature’s hand:


And I layer my artist tools, ready to doodle to music, a course assignment; the markers are held in place by a wishing rock, a rock with layers of quartz in lines around its gray core:


And the music and doodle? I pulled up a classic for inspiration on my iPhone, here’s a nice version on YouTube: “We Shall Overcome” by Pete Seeger, because the world’s people need to know that though we are layered with differences and with those who would dominate and discriminate — we shall overcome.  [another interview with Pete Seeger]

FullSizeRender 50.jpg

We are not afraid

We are not afraid

We are not afraid


Deep in my heart

I do believe

We shall overcome some day!

Please join to help those in need:

Five past presidents support aid for the devastation caused by the hurricanes in the US, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.  Help them overcome: One Nation, One Appeal.

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