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Shoot for the moon…


Animation is a big thing, and I’ve stayed away from it. I’m not an artist, so simple sketches are a difficult.

Sketch50 [] has helped; I’ve improved, so I thought I’d try animation.

Today I worked with Sketchbook Motion — it’s got a lot of fun features as you can see in the gif. I can make a path, grow more parts [not shown], create particles [stars].  I couldn’t see how to adjust the timeline of events, but there’s a lot more to learn. It works in layers similar to the Sketchbook Pro app I’ve been learning for drawing.

Who knows what’s next in the visual world, but animation to express ideas is a big deal now. I worry, though, that too much may be left to the reader who may misinterpret the writer’s meaning if the voice of the writer in text is missing.

I’m also trying Doink, which has many tutorials to help get started. Here’s my first:

As you see, I’m shooting for the moon and might land on a few stars to help me learn.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Between 2005 and 2015 interns from various colleges spent time looking at the ideas I was sharing on my blog, and the visualizations I’d been creating using PowerPoint and Quark Express, since the mid 1990s. Then they created visualizations to show their own understanding of this work. You can see many at this link:

    Some were done with Adobe Flash Animation, which is no longer supported by most browsers, so in the past few weeks I’ve been creating YouTube videos to show work that was done. This link points to one.

    In my interactions with you and other educators via #clmooc I’ve suggested, hinted, and encouraged you and your students to create new versions of the projects done by interns in past years, focusing the ideas on your communities, not Chicago where I live. If enough people were doing that I feel more people would be connected in a growing effort to make mentor-rich school and non-school learning opportunities available to more youth living in poverty.

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