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SOL17 DoodleaDay 12 Don’t Laugh


In many schools across the country directly after the election, and increase in bullying and hateful incidents occurred. [CBS article] I have not found anymore articles indicating this trend has continued, but it is important to stand up against bullying and to provide a safe climate for students. That means not turning back from even the smallest incident.

One of the ways I handled the small teases that could lead to bigger issues is to do an “instant replay.” I’d walk over to the students in an altercation– it could be as simple a behavior as a rude demand for someone to move their chair. I’d say, “Instant Replay” quietly and roll my hands counter clockwise to indicate reverse or back up, and the students would literally back up in their actions to a point where I’d say “stop.” Then I’d ask, “Think about what happened and how the other person feels. What would be a kinder way to act?” The students would walk through and be polite. Pretty easy, and once done for simple acts that expect manners and politeness, then the civility becomes a natural expectation and fewer such incidents occur.

“Instant replay” doesn’t place blame but simply expects each person to think and act in a more helpful way so we do have “justice for all.”


Edutopia Bully Prevention

Edutopia “Research Backed Approaches to Preventing Bullying” by Todd Finley

Edutopia “Why Teaching Kindness in Schools is Essential to Reducing Bullying” by Lisa Currie

Whole School Program: PAX GoodBehaviorGame  & Blog Posts from My School PAX — PAX emphasizes on the good [PAX] behaviors as opposed to any negative [SPLEEM] behaviors.

Operation Respect by Peter Yarrow


A purple viola

tiny in the grass

brings a smile

if you pause

to take the view;

a token

of nature’s



a gentle “Hello”

softly as you pass

brings a smile

if you pause

to give a nod

to strangers’


as you pass.


Part of Slice of Life 2017 by The Two Writing Teachers

Part of DoodleaDay by Royan Lee— today: Use someone else’s letter style

Thank you to Jamila Monahan for her letter styles. I chose S, D, and J.

Doodling Song is Don’t Laugh At Me by Peter, Paul, and Mary


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