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SOL17 DoodleaDay 6

Right now community gatherings are strained. People either talk about trivialities or separate into groups. When things start to hit our area, when we are affected by the changes, the groups will come together for their commonalities to ensure for justice for all. Right now, life is just happening. Results will change that to action.

Already I’ve heard rumblings like, “Well, I thought he’d be more presidential after the election” or “What will happen to my friends? They’ve always been here.”

Yeah. Reality.

I discovered some helpful suggestions for dealing with controversial issues at the University of Michigan. I hope we all find them useful.

What have you found helpful for your community to open up civil discussions?



of the people

by the people

for the people


talk to people

listen to people

share with people


together we stand

united for all

justice for all.


This post is:

Part of Slice of Life 2017 by The Two Writing Teachers

Part of DoodleaDay by Royan Lee— today:  Doodle a party with people of different emotions

My doodling song today is Across the Universe by the Beatles. Click to listen.
Image Doodle by Sheri Edwards


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